Land Shark on Mott

Just another sunny afternoon walking through Soho. Hey, even a land shark needs to shop once in awhile. And this one was trendy at that… a Calypso bag! Gotta love a shark with a big budget. I am sorry I did not catch the full twitter handle on his shirt.

I love NY indeed!

I consider it a gift of the universe when I walk out of a parking garage, rushing between meetings and I come across something like this. This happens to other people, right?

I am pretty sure I heard him muttering under his breath ‘Plumber, ma’am’, but I could be mistaken.


Filed under carry a camera, humor, magnet for the absurd, New York, New York City

4 responses to “Land Shark on Mott

  1. thanks for the chuckle. Priceless picture.

  2. J.

    Consider @TravelShark your Candygram.

    • Thanks J. Someone fb messaged that to me last night and I tweeted her the post. Gotta love it.

      • J.

        Yeah, I saw on Twitter this morning that you had figured it out — and that TravelShark had tweeted you back. What did we all do before Twitter and Facebook and blogs?!

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