South Florida Visit – Volume 2

This is a quirky place, I will give you that. Where else would you see…

1. Crematory Services in a strip mall. (this is not one of those sign generator website images… this is real.

2. An ambulance in the parking lot BOTH nights that you went out to dinner.

3. Second night it went something like this:

Me: What’s with the ambulance outside?

Waitress: Someone at the bar had a seizure.

My aunt and I (simultaneously): What was he drinking?

The waitress did not get it.

4. This super sensitive billboard:

Can’t make this stuff up.


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4 responses to “South Florida Visit – Volume 2

  1. jz

    You really had to be there to get it.

  2. Neal

    Your Magnetism for the Absurd is on full throttle!

  3. Riki

    My favorite Florida billboard is “Your wife is hot….
    Get the air conditioner fixed!” Of course I am not as good as you and can never get a picture of it!!

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