Scanner Dan

If you have spent time in Madison, Wisconsin you would know Scanner Dan. He is sort of famous. He hangs on State Street, carrying a police scanner. He is a true character. He talks to himself and makes running commentary about the people that pass by. He is known to shout out sorority names as girls pass by, giving his opinion on their affiliation.

While I was in Madison last week, my Dan and I spotted him at an outdoor cafe table. I had to get this picture of Dan Squared.

My kids really are good sports, aren’t they?


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3 responses to “Scanner Dan

  1. Ivy Mindlin

    Yes they are, but Danny you look fantastic. Enjoy the school year.

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  3. Smitty

    If scanner Dan is around then Jeff Brecker Todd Anixter and Ross Berman cant be far behind. Univ of Wisco 92-97. Theres also the legend of The Dream…the wildest gambler in Wisco history. What a place. Hope we all can meet again if they reopen the Barbers Closet bar…I ll be there drinking and spinning tracks.

    Yours truly , DJ Exacta

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