Hurricanes trump earthquakes… FU Irene

Ok, T minus who the hell knows how many hours till the storm hits the Island of Long. To all my east coast friends, sit tight, drink often and remember that if you have a coffee press you don’t need electricity.

For those who are worried about my parents, they are safely evacuated to my house and we are hunkering with plenty of alcohol (for me) and a puzzle. May AT&T stay live so my iPad remains working and may you all have an easy hurricane (sort of like an easy fast on Yom Kippur for my fellow tribesman).

BTW, bbm or text Jana if you can. She is stuck in this house with her parents and grandparents; yep she is pretty glad she graduated and is living home! (thank goodness she has the dog).

Two more sleeps and this damn thing will be over.


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6 responses to “Hurricanes trump earthquakes… FU Irene

  1. I hope you have an easy Irene, too!

  2. Not sure when ol’ Irene will visit the Island of Long, but she has already worn out her welcome here in the County of Bucks. It is raining now. We live across the street from a creek that will crest at 17 feet.

    Good luck to you and may you have plenty of goodies and such to get you through the rest of the storm.


  3. Eric Postmam

    We’re several hours ahead of you down here in coastal VA. Not too bad where I am, but serious business for many. I DON’T recommend going for a swim like some of the (most likely drunk) yahoos in Va Beach. Relax, but take Irene seriously. Now, where did I leave that wine bottle?

  4. J.

    Forgot about the coffee press. But how do you boil water without electricity?

    Speaking of Jewish holidays, looks like Irene is getting ready to Passover. 😉

  5. Here’s hoping you all came out no worse for the wear and that you are still sane (or at least as sane as before the hurricane). Yep, you are right hurricanes trump earthquakes. That’s why I live in California! They just come and go without all the stress of letting you know they are on the way.

    • I am good, Penny, thanks. A little water issue and the power was out Sunday but grateful to have it back and be the charging and coffee center for those that weren’t as lucky.

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