Baby Snowglobe

I find this both charming and creepy at the same time. Tucked in between a traditional snowglobe and 2 over excited high-fiving buddah bookends was this fairly old specimen. This particular thrift shop sold everything from furniture to… well to snowglobes.

Why I did not buy it is beyond me. Hell, it was only four bucks (note to self: must go back and purchase this).

What always gets me when I see something like this is what on earth was going on in the mind of its creator. ‘Yeh, so lets make this snowglobe. And we can put this sort of really creepy smiling baby with no nose in it. And it can be crawling away from this pink elephant while sort of looking out of the glass in a longing way. And right in front of it we can put a duck with one leg who has its eyes closed. And then in the background, just for shits and giggles, lets but a palm tree and maybe a bunny and some messed up blue thing that might be a whale. Yeh, this will be a great baby gift for…’

the criminally insane, maybe?


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3 responses to “Baby Snowglobe

  1. margi

    Exactly. It’s fun to go thrifting for the adventure and mental break, but get out slightly before going more mental.

  2. It’s Pocoyo! Creepy weird pocoyo, but definitely Pocoyo.

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