Naturally, blame the mucus

Have you seen the Advil Congestion Relief commercial yet?

Woman is in bed with a terrible cold. Man with a t-shirt that reads MUCUS sits down on the bed.

00:01:02 It’s your fault.
00:01:04 Naturally, blame the mucus.
00:01:06 Well, I can’t breathe.
00:01:07 Did you try blowing your nose? of course.
00:01:09 [ Both ] AND NOTHING CAME OUT.
00:01:11 Instead of blaming me, try new advil congestion relief.

Can anyone explain why that makes me laugh so much? Yeh, I know, bodily function infantile behavior. So? C’mon, admit that you think it is funny too. I mean, can you imagine the creative team sitting in a conference room late at night before the client pitch? They’re all hopped up on caffeine and sugar and they have rejected at least a dozen ideas. Then someone stands up and shouts:

How ’bout we dress someone in a MUCUS t-shirt and use the line “naturally, blame the mucus”

Brilliance in advertising? Maybe not, but it certainly sticks.


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26 responses to “Naturally, blame the mucus

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  2. When you say ‘it certainly sticks’, I’m hoping you’re not referring to the mucous …. ?

  3. J.

    I think you should just shorten it to “Blame the Mucus.” (Will fit better.)

  4. i knew the mucus guy in college… its weird seeing him labeled snot on tv

  5. I love this commercial cuz the mucus guy looks just like my part time lover / drug dealer, and I miss the sassy son of a bitch.

    erin, introduce me.

  6. Rosemary

    I love this commercial. They got the perfect guy to play mucus. Just the right combination of sarcasm andnerdy scruffiness. Unfortunately, the humor may be defeating the purpose of the commercial. I needed to purchase just such a product for my daughter today. I could remember the commercial, particularly the hook line, “Naturally, blame the mucus” but NOT the product name! So I went to work and asked 12 different people if they had seen the commercial and EVERYONE had, but NO ONE could tell me the name of the product. Every person I asked said Musinex. Apparently the tee shirt with “mucus” printed on it inspires the Musinex memory rather than the actual product name. Advil may want to revisit the branding part of this great commercial…

  7. anita cotti

    “Don’t blame the mucus” excellent…as I stood in the isle of my drug store trying desperately to find this medicine I Google it,found this site,got what I need! Thank you advertising team, for helping me get rid of a 4 day migraine due to sinus congestion!NOT MUCUS 🙂

  8. steve

    who is the actress in bed with mucus?

  9. Linda Waters

    Who is the actor who IS the mucus???

  10. Byron

    Well… the mucus part stuck to me… but I couldn’t remember which product was the commercial about… well, I googled “blame the mucus” and found this post…
    Isn’t this a great time to be in world history?
    -Thank God for Advil…
    – Thank God for tecnology
    – Thank God for google
    And thanks to you for this post, now I’m going to the farmacy, I’m gonna try Advil… with all this crap in my nose I declare myself…
    Nasaly constipated…!

  11. Dondi McCallister

    Y’all r 2 funny! I had the same problem with no one remembering the product. But I found you guys and hopefully I will be better in a day or so. Hey, will this stuff work with a ample supply of hot (SoCo) toddys???? Had my first hot toody last night. Didn’t get any better, but I slept good.

  12. Guest0001

    Actually I found a link to the original English (U.S.) Advil congestion relief on Michael Nathanson’s web site ~ ~ ­­… so a big thanks to “Mr. Mucus” Michael Nathanson for helping me find this video and the ability to share it with you all. *ORIGINAL SOURCE ~ ~*

    And without further ado; I present the video to you; enjoy ~ ~

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