Huney Do


I mean SERIOUSLY ‘dude’, you can’t possibly think driving around in a BMW with a HONEY DO license plate and a De-Fender bumper condom makes you cool, can you?

I wanted to wait till this guy got back in his car to see if he was wearing an ‘I am a Douche’ t-shirt. (sorry, that was probably uncalled for).

I just can’t help myself but rant when I see something like this. Guy goes to college, gets a good job, meets a nice girl, moves out to the suburbs, maybe has a kid or two and a house and a yard and the next thing he knows he trades in his I was once a fairly decent guy aura and becomes a suburbot (ooo, i sense another Urban Dictionary submission here).

For those unfamiliar with the term Huney Do – meaning those who either live under a rock, never saw a slice of life TV show or that stupid commercial (that I think is for Lowes) – Honey Do refers to the list of chores that a wife gives her husband.

Honestly, the word ‘chores’ reminds me of a 1950s sitcom.

Once, just once, I would like to hear one of these guys say…. Do it yourself, bitch. (ok, now I am totally out of control).

Not one to be into household gender roles all that much, this just makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. There are a few things Gary likes to do around the house… leaf blowing and power washing. (see a pattern). They make him happy.(again, see a pattern). He will even throw in putting away lawn furniture, taking out the garbage and emptying the dishwasher. He is really easy to live with, I don’t have to make a list and when I am lucky he doesn’t call me bitch. (to my face, anyway) Although when I get a little out of control he has called me a crazy old hag – but I sort of deserved it.

Wait, I forgot I was writing about the license plate. So, now that I have finished this rant it occurs to me that this person probably lives in my town because he was parked fairly deep in the zip code and we are not a drive through sort of town. So? Any of you Pdubbsters out there know whose car it is?


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  1. margi

    I never mind a good honest rant! LOL!

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