All I Want for Mother’s Day is a New Spatula

The scene: Friday morning, making Danny’s lunch (yes I still make him lunch and my days are numbered with this so get off my case)

The Dog: decides to puke up her entire breakfast in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Me: Gary, can you clean up the dog puke please.

Gary: Sure (as he grabs the above spatula, scoops it into a paper towel and tosses it very efficiently).

Now, let me confess that I did not really process this at all until a bit later in the day when I was texting with Jana and told her and she was appalled.

Then she informed me her friends were all equally appalled.

Then I told her Gary wanted to make her an omelette when she gets home from Europe. (I can be a pot stirrer at times)

Then I mentioned it on the lacrosse field and EVERYONE was appalled. In fact one friend said she would never come over for breakfast while another said she was not sure she would ever come over at all.

But the best of all is when Danny came over and we told him.

And he almost gagged because he had just used that spatula to make himself breakfast.

Hey, don’t be so disgusted, it had gone through the dishwasher!

Hey, Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

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5 responses to “All I Want for Mother’s Day is a New Spatula

  1. Suzanne

    Haha, funny! (as long as I wasn’t the one using the spatula after the dog puke)

  2. J.

    Two things:

    1. My cat, Flora, is a puker, and we’ve now taken to calling her “Puke-a-hontas.”

    2. Your spatula story reminded me of a musical we say many years ago, “Moon Over Miami,” written by John Guare, which was gawd awful, but it did have one memorable scene/song, sung to the tune of “Don’t Get Around Much Anymore”:

    Missed the toilet last night.
    Sh*t all over the floor.
    Cleaned it up with my toothbrush.
    Don’t brush my teeth much anymore.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Liz

    OKAY. LMAO…for real.

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