It’s Privacy, Not Brain Surgery


Over the past few weeks I have had conversations ad nauseum – online as well as IRL (in real life) – surrounding online privacy. I touched on it with a post about targeted advertising last week.

There have been articles written about the big bad online world that is out to steal everything that we hold dear to us and create our likeness as pod-people in some Invasion of the Body Snatchers fashion.

Ok, kiddies, as the picture above that a friend of mine (thanks Kevin) put up the other day on facebook says:

Everyone Calm the Fuck Down.

(Sorry for the profanity, I mean I am listed as a mom blogger in many places. But hey, my kids have heard my foul mouth before and they are old anyway. But I will apologize to my own mom here because she is way too classy to every talk this way)

Perhaps it is time to stop. And think. And be smart about what parts of ourselves we are putting up on the internet, whether we think they are ‘private’ or not.

This article from Techcrunch is not only hysterical, but right on the money and what I preach daily to my kids. (who sometimes listen and sometimes don’t). If you don’t want to click over (and I highly recommend that you do, especially if you find the whole social web confusing) the basic premise is this:



Don’t shop online or search the web if you don’t want your interests and buying habits captured.


The first piece, well this post is probably not the wisest morsel of myself to put out there but hey, I use more than one name so I should be ok, I will switch to the other one for my ‘serious’ life. And the second piece is sort of unrealistic if you want to take advantage of the convenience and wealth of knowledge that the web provides.

I am sure there will be many a lawyer making many a dollar over the next few years after legislation catches up with the paranoia machine. So hooray for that new opportunity.

Bottom line: with all new technologies we lose something to gain something.

Now can we chill on the privacy thing for awhile?

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One response to “It’s Privacy, Not Brain Surgery

  1. Ivy Mindlin

    I’ve been waiting for this blog. We’ve been talking about it for weeks…this captured your sentiment perfectly!!!

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