An Equidistant Moment

It’s moments like this I am absolutely certain I was born to carry a camera. And I always wonder if other people notice this kind of stuff.

Right after we saw the white dogs with orange socks, we came upon this odd little scene on the World Financial Plaza. This was one of the first warm days in NY and everyone was trying to catch some time outdoors. The odd thing was that these five seemingly unrelated people decided to do so in almost the exact same way. They were spaced perfectly (hence equidistant), legs crossed on the same side, each one reading, as if they had been set up by an art director. Of course this was not, in fact,’a shot’.

It was real life.

I mean, seriously, what kind of art director would have kept that guy in the powder blue sweater on the left side there. He is the wild card in this shot. I mean, for G-d sake, he is not even crossing his legs.

Damn rebel!

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8 responses to “An Equidistant Moment

  1. Maybe if they’d gotten up you’d have seen the big X’s painted on the bench where everyone HAS to sit. Altho that wouldn’t explain the legs crossed and reading…

  2. J.

    “I mean, seriously, what kind of art director would have kept that guy in the powder blue sweater on the left side there.”

    Congratulations. You have just (once again) justified the existence of Photoshop.

    Great shot – and observation.

  3. Thank GOD for the blue sweater guy – he seems the only “real” life person in an odd way. What a phenomenal shot of the disconnect in human relationships and also the subconsciously desperate need for conformity! It’s almost sad.

    • suzen, funny, i was thinking about that this morning. that maybe if i had art directed that i would have purposely put the stray color in there to throw off the balance and shake things up.

      still, i would never have chosen powder blue. too sappy a color. red, orange, turqouise, purple even, but powder blue. nah.

  4. Neal Shrier

    I disagree, the guy in the powder blue shirt makes the shot – he adds balance and direction (vector) to the composition. He can be interpreted as a question mark (literally the shape of ?) or he can be interpreted as an >. Otherwise, the composition is too static. Sorry, just a printer’s opinion.

    • you see neal, i just thought about that very same thing and wrote it in my response to suzen.

      sometimes the obvious is the whole point.

      sometimes you are galloping before you even crawl ; )

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