Back in the Attic

Me: Gary, can you go into the attic and get Jana’s husband?

Gary: WHAT?!!

Me: That backrest pillow, they call it a husband. (no I do not have some guy up there waiting for the day when my daughter is ready to marry. We do not save anything with a heartbeat. At least not intentionally).

Gary: Oooh, the attic? (eyes glistening) Sure thing!

For those who read the last attic post you will remember we have a tendency to save EVERYTHING and that attic is a scary place. Gary now jumps at the chance to go up there and throw stuff down to get rid of. At least today I was not called a crazy old hag.

This week he found the box to the activity rocker. Yeh, it was from my kids. And here they are holding the box. What, 15 years is too long to save that? Do they even make these things anymore or have they deemed them unsafe and likely to cause brain damage like everything else my kids played with?


I would also like to mention that he found an Apple llci up there. Yes, this baby was my first color mac. This sucker came with a whopping  80MB hard drive (note I said MB not GB) When did that come out, you ask? September 1989, 5 months after Jana was born! 

Hey, at least I did not have her ‘husband’ up there for that long!


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4 responses to “Back in the Attic

  1. jflorin

    Amy, I’m shocked that you’re not more of a tosser. It doesn’t fit with your personality of being an organized maniac! (it takes one to no one!) I thought you were more like me. I actually started throwing their toys away while they were still playing with them. I guess there’s probably a happy medium out there!

  2. Funny! Yes, imagine the risks we put our kids through with the heinous toys and devices we bought 🙂

    I ‘try’ to only save the sentimental stuff. Maybe because we don’t have an attic!

    Happy FD to Gary.

  3. Dr Jimmy

    I MUST have a tour of that attic!! This is bigger than when Geraldo Rivera found Al Capone’s vault!! Cancel my tour of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, your attic is a must see!

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