My Golden Retriever is Smarter Than Your Honor Student


This bumper sticker was on the car in front of me at the drive-through cash machine today. Nothing like a little sarcastic humor to lighten up another in a series of soggy days.

Danny did not find this as funny as I did. Actually, I think he thought the guy was an asshole, which he probably is. But it tickled my funny bone nonetheless.

We live in a community that is no stranger to offspring bragging. The honor student bumper stickers are the evolution of the baby on board signs. Those used to really drive me nuts. Ok, so you have a baby in your car! Does that mean if you didn’t it would be alright to rear-end you? 

I used to joke that I had the only two average kids in this district. The rest were either accelerated or remediated. 

A note to those of you who feel compelled to put bumper stickers on your car announcing your kids’ brilliance. Other than their grandparents, I am pretty sure no one else cares.

To the guy with the golden retriever, your bumper sticker is hysterical, my lab is probably smarter than your dog and truthfully, having that on your car will make most people think you are an asshole. Funny, but an asshole.

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7 responses to “My Golden Retriever is Smarter Than Your Honor Student

  1. sandysays1

    Awwww, come on, we Goldens are smart. Don’t blame us for being selected as the straight “dog” by the “asshole” who printed the bumper sticker to make money off the idiots that paste them on their clunkers. Visit me and read a few of my posts – I think you’ll enjoy Retriever humor.

  2. Lon Levin

    My favorite blogger is smarter than any honor student or golden retriever.

  3. jflorin

    Line of the Week “other than their grandparents, I’m pretty sure no one else cares”. Love it!

  4. Doctor Jimmy

    There should be a law against picture taking/blogging while driving!

  5. My children do not understand why I don’t want to advertise my politics or boast about them on my car bumpers. I should let them read this post; then they’ll understand the dangers lurking about.

  6. Again, from the single chick with no kids, we’re tired of hearing about your honors students. I was an honors student in high school too. You won’t see me including that on my resume 20 years later….although my Grandmother would like me to 🙂

  7. It would appear everyone feels the same way about those honor student bumper stickers. it’s a wonder why so many people put them on their cars.

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