To the Man at Starbucks Last Night

starbucksI am not quite sure if you were sticking around to hear our conversation because it was like staring at the accident, or if you were just paralyzed and were not sure when would be an opportune moment to get up and leave. Either way, I hope we entertained you.

The setting: suburban Starbucks after dinner on a Saturday night.

Attending: 2 couples of ‘a certain age’ if you will. 

Topics of conversation:

1. Tattoos: mainstream or trashy. I argued for mainstream and pointed out that the perception of trashy was a generational one. (translation: you are an old hag, my friend).

2. Being Clean: and by this I am not referring to showering. The question arose whether all young men and women have chosen the route of no hair. This one crosses the age barrier. There has been a request for some research on the percentage of those who have chosen to go hairless, broken down by gender and age. Hmmm, I do know just the person to find this out. Are you biting?

3. Taking no hair one step further we discussed shaving vs. waxing vs. laser. Oh, and you will happy to know not only did the Mangroomer come up, I believe there might have been a request for one for Father’s day.

You know, just a typical suburban chat over coffee.

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4 responses to “To the Man at Starbucks Last Night

  1. Liz

    I would always like to be the fly on the wall during your convos!

  2. jflorin

    The only thing you left out was my final hand motion. (banging of fist into hand!) I think that’s what scared him away!

  3. judy

    are you talking about me? can only speak for females, of course, but NO ONE under the age of 35 has any hair below the waist…….

  4. Liz, you would be a wonderful addition to any of our conversations.

    Jo, yeh, that hand motion would land all 4 of our kids on the couch.

    And Jude, you are surely my resident female expert but I was actually thinking of my research diva

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