Marina Rules


We had dinner tonight at a favorite place on the water that is situated by a marina. This sign is posted just as you leave the restaurant. Danny and I were reading it and found it rather humorous. 

Disorder? Ok, that one is clear. But depredation an indecorous behavior. Seriously! Is this common boating lingo or was someone just trying to show off their vocab. Forget about their meanings, we worked pretty hard at figuring out the correct pronunciation.

For those who are curious:


Ok, this one really has that real pirate flavor to it. I love the idea of plundering right there in full view of a restaurant. And the related forms? “Hi, what do you do for a living?” “Who me? Oh, well you could call me a depredationist of sorts.”

indecorousDon’t you love the first definition? ‘Not decorous’. I hate that. Oooh, but violating generally accepted standards of good taste or propriety? Would running naked and drunk up and down the dock fall into that bucket?

It could be that Danny is in the throws of the SAT/ACT season but I find it hard to believe that some SAT-word-of-the-day show off did not write these rules.

Well, have to go. I am off to display some indecorous behavior upstairs. Enjoy the weekend!

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4 responses to “Marina Rules

  1. Ah yes, plundering. It’s a lost art these days.
    I think this calls for a weekend of indecorous depredation! I, for one, am going to go forth and plunder tastelessly! Wish me luck 🙂

  2. Cara, I always knew you were a plunderer!

  3. Maybe it’s because I have my own URL at facebook now, but I have a new confidence about me and so here I am telling you that, yes, I knew those words. However, it made me laugh out loud that they were on a rules list! I bet they were just trying to make people notice – I mean do you EVER read the pool lists anymore? They’re always the same….

  4. I’m pretty sure as long as we do our naked running while we’re still sober we would still be following the rules. I’ll let you know how that works out. 🙂

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