Evolving Darwin Playset


Who could resist such an item? I am starting to accumulate a serious toy collection in my office. At first I just took a picture of this one but Gary convinced me to go back and buy it. He knew I would be sorry. You have to love that about him.

It all started with the Albert Einstein Action Figure – funny how you have such a soft spot in your heart for your first. I actually bought two of those, one to keep sealed and one to play with.

Back to Darwin. My favorite part is the thought bubble:

‘From “Fish-Man” to “Genius” in only 380 Million Years!

Brilliant! Simply Brilliant.

I wish I could have gotten a close up on Fish Man’s face, he was Jana’s favorite part. 

This lovely item, and another that I will grace you with later on, are made by the company Accoutrements. I just love to say that word, don’t you? Here is a little something from their About Us page:

For over 25 years we’ve provided the world with amazing products that provoke, challenge and entertain. From our Yodelling Pickle to our Bacon Bandages, we create things that people need to have!

I have to admit, I am thinking of buying those Bacon Bandages. (for my vegetarian brother of course)

You can purchase their items retail at mcphee.com. There you can purchase some all-time faves like Stress Weiner (your husband will thank you), Mr. Bacon vs. Monsiuer Tofu (an interesting match to say the least) or the ever popular Watermelon Flavored Sigmund Freud Head Lollipops (because seriously, who DOESN’T want to suck on a little Freud – as always a little head would be nice).

Oh and don’t forget the Love Rats (wasn’t that a B52’s song

Hey Accoutrements, let’s see how good your social media monitoring is out there. I am thinking I should be getting a nice care package of absurdities for this post, don’t you?

Haven’t had enough of me yet? You can also read me at 50-Something Moms Blog.

For photo enthusiasts, visit Leaving the zip code, photos from outside the comfort zone.

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8 responses to “Evolving Darwin Playset

  1. Our social media monitoring is second to none! Email your street address to unicorn at mcphee dot com and I’ll send you out some Mr. Bacon stickers!

  2. Lon Levin

    My girls bought me Mr. Bacon vs. Moniuer Tofu for Father’s Day some years back. It has been on display in my kitchen ever since, reminding me everyday of the epic food battles throughout history.

  3. Kudos to mcphee.com for having top notch social media monitoring. can’t wait to get my mr. bacon stuff. they will surely be seeing another post or two from me. can you think of anyone who would be a better spokesperson for the company that sells such absurd stuff?

    lon, epic food battles throughout history is a great blog post if not a book title.

  4. Wow! Now I’ll never have to say “I can’t find something new and unusual to buy for Grandma.”

    Items for the person who has everything!!

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