Shop, Shlep, Repeat


For those who are not of the tribe, or who don’t live amongst a large concentration of Jews, to shlep is to lug or carry something. As in all the crap you just bought.

I hate to shop. No seriously, I am a NY Jewish woman that hates to shop. We are a rare breed but there are some of us out there. My daughter is the same way.

This woman? You have to love someone who not only would buy a bag like this, but would actually carry it. As part of my ‘always carry a camera’ philosophy I was lucky enough that I only had to stalk her for a block or two before she stopped at a red light. 

For those who would like to purchase this bag I am so very sorry, but I did not have time to ask her before she vanished in the crowd.

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6 responses to “Shop, Shlep, Repeat

  1. Ram Venkatararam

    I take similiar photos but primarily because I own a convenience store and am always on the look out for shoplifters.

    p.s. I thought Shlep was the three stooge that was replaced by Curly. Could be wrong….

    Thanks for the post

  2. I hate shopping.
    My mom would like this bag!
    Wasn’t the Stooge Shep?


  3. the fact that this shopping post got two stooges mentions has made Gary’s whole day.

    and the would be Shemp, my friends.

    of course any Stooge fan will tell you that an episode without curly is not worth watching. For the true stoogophile there were two more, joe besser and curly joe derita

  4. Ivy Mindlin

    you must naturally surround yourself with the non-shoppers. Clearly you know I hate it. However, maybe t here are more of us than you think.

  5. sarah f

    the bag’s from c.o. bigelow in new york. i have one & love it. just fyi

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