Spam Spam Spam, Wonderful Spam

Last week I wrote about Spam. I had a wonderful time learning all about the resurgence of this mother of all loaves. I found out that there was a Spam Museum, visited its website and Gary and I fell in love with the place. Especially the tagline, Better Than an Art Museum.

To my delight, one of my readers informed me that she and her husband had actually visited the place. Again proof that I have very giving blog friends.

I was out of my mind when she was so kind to send me the following photos. Thank you Casey Leigh for making my day and sharing your trip with us. (if you think I am not going to this place you are crazy).

Here is Casey on a statue called “Off to Slaughter” – what a lovely family place. casey_statue

Next, we have her hubby, Carl, with Spammy. Oh Carl, you are such a good sport. We could surely hang out with you. Wait, is this a statue or is there someone inside that Spammy suit?


Gary, when we go there can I play the ham and eggs computer game. Please, please, please!


Family, please note the countertop around the placemat, if the background was pink that would be Nana’s kitchen counter. I LOVE when she channels!

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4 responses to “Spam Spam Spam, Wonderful Spam

  1. what a great museum! Did you know there’s also a spam festival in Hawaii?

  2. I never thought there would be something like a Spam Museum. Now I’m gonna have something to blog the next few days, thanks to you.


  3. We were just talking about serving some up so the kids could try it.

    That countertop in pink? Looks just like my nana’s did, too!

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