I write with dead people…


This came to my attention on Twitter from @akaSylvia. Check out her website (way cool).

This little item falls under the category of who the hell thinks of this stuff? The answer would be artist Nadine Jarvis of the UK.

This box of 240 pencils is made from the cremated ash of a human being. Yes, you read that correctly. Kind of like Soylent pencils, if you will. It would appear that one average body yields 240 pencils. I would suppose results may vary with say an anorexic or someone who was morbidly obese.

Each pencil is foil stamped with the name of the person and their dates of birth and death. What a lovely personalized touch. Imagine the factory, ‘Damn Joe, who’s ashes did you say we used for this one?’ ‘No worries, how will they be able to tell?’ Oh we loved ones can tell, Joe, don’t screw this up!

Only one pencil can be removed at a time, it is sharpened back into the box where the shavings take up the space of the used pencils. At the end of the line the shavings, or reconstituted ash, fill the box making transforming it into an urn. How lovely. Kind of like ashes to pencils to shavings… hmmm, kind of a weird ring to that. The window in the box acts as a timeline showing the amount of pencils that are left. 

Of course I became curious as to who Joseph Wald was on those pencils. But the Google search only yielded more blog posts about this item. Bloggers love weird shit, for sure.

Myself included!

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3 responses to “I write with dead people…

  1. ehspeech

    Sounds like it could be an Alfred Hitchcock TV Episode (showing my age yet again!)…Imagine the wife’s pleasure as she places the pencil into the sharpener….revenge every time!

  2. Wow. That’s morbid. It bring chanelling to a an entirely new level. And if ends up as an urn, why not just start there? The idea of turning a human into a pencil is just plain wrong!

  3. Right out of the “Twilight Zone” — amazing!

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