Musings from the ‘Home Office’

This is an actual chat with another Work At Home Mom friend, or as the mommy bloggers call it – a WAHM. (funny how we both use dog icons, that is no reference to our looks, we just love our dogs, ok?)

Wham!! (well you know what I mean). I like that. Look, some women want to be MILFs, some like being WHAMs. Wait, can’t I be a WAHM and a MILF? Ahhh, this may have something to do with the need for Spanx. I will have to think about this one.

This chat got me to thinking. What are the best things about working at home? (besides not wearing shoes or having to brush my hair, which would probably disqualify me from being a MILF in most cases).

So, my friends, here is a shout out to all of you that work at home (boys, you can play this game too. you could be DILFs if you want). 

Give me a list of the best things about working at home. I expect full participation here (Riki and Ellen, that means you! And Elise, since your chat made it to the blog you are obligated to participate).

And because I am an equal opportunity everything, let’s hear from the work-in-the-office types who want to defend their choice.

Those of you who are thinking I could use a little fresh air – you are not wrong!

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9 responses to “Musings from the ‘Home Office’

  1. Amy – too many benefits for words – here’s a top 5 list

    5) I can check my personal email anytime I want 😉
    4) I can take an early lunch and work out and then sit around in sweaty gym clothes until I can’t stand myself
    3) I can multitask – do laundry AND work
    2) I can take personal calls at work
    And the number 1 reason?
    I can say “NO” as many times as I say “YES”

  2. Ry

    To me, it’s ALL about the flexibility. I can go out for a walk during the day whenever the mood strikes. I can make my own hours and start work before a shower if I so please.

    The best part? Not rushing. There’s no way I’ll ever be late to work.

  3. Riki

    First, I think I may have said this before but I really need to meet Liz. I thnk we are the same person. Her list is just about exactly what I would say, especially since I am now in sweaty gym clothes and smell really bad!! I would have to add that not missing my kids athletic events has been one of the most important advantages to my being a WAHM as well. My golf game has improved as well!! I too cannot enter the MILF catagory. I am just sure that a shower before 5PM is a pre-requisite.

  4. joyce

    For a time i was a wahm, but my husband was a wahd at the same time. and then my daughter was born. and a few years later my second son was born…. that HAS to be a plus of working at home….there’s no hiding in the supply closet, a la Grey’s anatomy. and if kids are at the babysitters then anywhere in the house in ON limits… about flexibility! (no pun intended) C’mon , you all know what i mean……
    oh and also just think of how much money you save on lunch!
    just one opinion…

  5. CC

    Work-in-office chick here!

    1) Have excuse to by my lunch everyday
    2) Free calls to pay bills, chat to friends
    3) Free internet (although no access to emails, but CAN access Twitter)
    4) Good socialising with colleagues (even the ones I hate)
    5) It’s the best time to think about life: at home you’re always busy doing something, at the office you’re bored enough to actually consider more interesting hobbies (and shit) to take on.

    Good list?

    But yes, if I was told to work from home from now on, I’d be out the door before the request was made.

  6. wow, how fun is this. i stepped out for a couple of hours for hair color (there, my secret is out) and have all these responses. another plus for work at home, ‘going to a meeting’ aka hair salon, whenever you want. (yes, now my hair is actually brushed)

    loved hearing from a new reader proud of her work in the office status.welcome CC (i do miss buying lunch, or eating it for that matter).

  7. Wil

    Great topic…been at home for 14 years now…wouldn’t trade it for anything. Top 5: (1) casual/grungy attire…God help us when video phones are required. (2) work day spread over 16 hours, lots of beaks, errands, sometimes 9 holes. (3) burgers, hushpuppies and sweet tea from Cookout whenever the mode hits..fine southern fast food. (4) the horizontal bop whenever the mode hits my MILF…hey, I can mute this conf call. (5) working the 6am to 3pm shift when at the beach house…on the beach for a dip by 3:30.

  8. 5 reasons I am glad I work OUT of my home…..

    1. No cat around to bat paw at incoming faxes.
    2. Lunch is not peanut butter and jelly.
    3. Do not have to log onto Dora the Explora games during lunch hour.
    4. DH knows that when he leaves cereal bowl in sink it will still be there waiting for him when he comes home
    5. The Spawn love me more after they’ve had a break from me.

  9. I am new to your blog….found you on MCMM. I love working at home because
    1. I am my own boss
    2. I can blog whenever I please.
    3. I don’t have to leave my house if I don’t want to
    4. I can work whenever I want. Which is usually all the time.
    5. I can take a break and read a book or play with the dogs, if I want to.

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