Burning Mouth Syndrome?!

Yes, this is a real thing. (no that is not a picture of my actual tongue)

So of course if it is weird, I would get it, right?

A few months ago I started to have these odd symptoms like my mouth was burned. You know, like when you eat really hot pizza and you feel as if the roof of your mouth has turned to melted string cheese? (nice visual, right?).

Off I went to my dentist who gave me this speech about ‘women in their menopausal years’ yadayadayada. Another reason why menopause needs rebranding – tying all these nasty disorders to this lovely time of life. Then he comes up with an article from the Yale Taste Lab. I mean really, does this place actually exist? (it surely does) Imagine what a party it is in that place everyday. On top of menopause these Ivy League geniuses tied this to anxiety, depression, stress… the usual suspects. After all, everyone knows that women of a certain age are all crazy bee-otches, right? (husband, please do not answer that question, it was rhetorical)

I mentioned this to my new bbff (best blog friend forever) Liz, at Flashfree who had just done a post on menopause and taste. I hit send and within hours she had researched the hell out of this and done another amazing post about BMS, complete with a groovy youtube vid of the Trammps’ Disco Inferno (burn baby burn). That song NEVER gets old, does it? Thanks Liz, you rock.

Bottom line? There are all sorts of treatments. None proven.

Except of course the fact that if there is an odd symptom out there, chances are someone in my house will have it.

Ice pop, anyone?

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41 responses to “Burning Mouth Syndrome?!

  1. Neal Shrier

    and that sill have not found a cure for “foot-in-mouth” syndrome.

    • hmlthatcher


      • Alice Nerenstone

        I use that toothpaste all the time but still have BMS – for almost two years now. I am trying someone suggested in a blogg. I rinse my mouth three times a day with 1 1/2 tbs. of baking soda added to 1/2 cup of water. After mouth calms down then use your toothpast but cover it with baking soda and brush all sensitive areas in mouth. I am still in the rinsing staff and it sort of works. we’ll see. It’s worth a try. I also take gabapentin, 2400 mg for relaxing cranial nerves which were prob. damaged during dental work and Alpha Lopiac Acid, 600 mg spread out over the day. A study used that on a sample of older women and after 3 months the BMS was still tolerable. Good luck!

      • STRAWICK

        Are you serious? I will be purchasing some in the am.. Anything for a little relief. Still having relief from using this?

  2. Hey Amy! (BFF!). Thanks for the plug! I DO love ‘Burn Baby Burn’ and used the opportunity to take a disco break in my office so thanks for the inspiration that day! Seriously though, I think it’s time to stop attributing EVERTHING to the transition or to depression or anxiety or really, estrogen. Is the Queen Bee really that all-powerful? I’m interested to see if any bodywork will ease your symptoms. And in the meantime, at least it’s summer and chilly foods are in vogue presently. Frankly, I’d exchange the ice pops for some frozen vodka!

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  6. Jan

    Thank you so much for your post on BMS. I actually woke up this morning and wondered if I was dreaming last night when I “googled” burning mouth/tongue and actually FOUND OUT THAT IT IS A SYNDROME!!!!!????

    Perimenopause sucks, so I can imagine I am doomed for the “real” menopause!

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  10. Lynn

    Hi guys. I have been suffering from severe BMS for 8 months now. I have tried every remedy that is out there and nothing worked. Seen doctors and dentists who are stumped (really frustrates me)! Anyway, my doctor gave me 50mg of Tramadol today for a backache I have. The Tramadol took away all my BMS pain and I able to eat like a normal person again. Tramadol is a non-narcotic pain medicine similar to Percocet, but without the opiates. It is pretty easy to get from your doctor. Just wanted to share what I found works for me.

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