Thong Danger?

It must be a slow news day. 

The Today Show not only reported about a couple who found 60,000 bees in the walls of their house (would this not be rather loud?), but they covered this story as well. All during the 7AM hour. Is NOTHING important going on in the world today? Having started my career designing bra and underwear tags (don’t ask), this one caught my attention.

52 Year-Old Woman Sues Victoria’s Secret Over Defective Thong

… Apparently 52 year-old Macrida Patterson, a traffic officer with Los Angeles’ Department of Transportation, was simply slipping on her “low-rise V-String” from Victoria’s Secret’s “Sexy Little Thing” line when a decorative metallic piece flew off the undies and struck her in the eye.

THE EYE?!!! Are you kidding me? I was hoping for some really edgy sort of injury. I mean, anyone who has ever worn one of these babies knows that it is not the most natural thing to have a string up your ass all day. (all in the name of not having VPL). I thought perhaps the metal piece heated up and left her branded where the sun don’t shine. Or in a floss-like manner the string got stuck and needed to be surgically removed. Gives the term ‘getting your underwear in a knot’ a whole new meaning. This sounds like a Larry David episode. Perhaps VS will be required to put directions on these items: “wear protective glasses when slipping into this item to avoid risk of eye injury”. 

Sorry, I have to go. Need to check out my lingerie drawer and see which item has the potential for making me a quick 25 grand.


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6 responses to “Thong Danger?

  1. geebamom

    I used to be a committed Today Show watcher and now I don’t even bother to turn it on. It’s so commercial. Good Morning America is worse.

  2. when they pick up on these absurd stories it is hard to take them seriously but i am still a closet fan

  3. Liz

    Too funny! Wonder if hanky panky’s are dangerous too? I could use some quick cash!

  4. ahhh. hanky panky’s. the answer to hating the thong. everyone loves those!

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