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Catalog Jew?

This direct mail piece came today from Express.

Gary: Hey there is a Jewish guy on the cover of the Express catalog

Me: How do you know

Gary: Look he’s wearing a yarmulke

Me: What?

Then I looked at the picture above. Positioned just in the right place to look like he was, in fact wearing one, was placed a wafer seal.

For those not of the tribe, a yarmulke is pronounced: yamikah and it is a scull cap worn by observant Jewish men. For those who are not in the direct mail business, a wafer seal is the little round annoying sticker that the Post Office requires printers to put on a folded piece of promo material to keep it closed.

If all that description killed the visual joke for you, I totally get that. But it was totally worth that risk to make sure everyone got it. Now go back to the beginning and look at the picture and realize how funny it really was.

Or just tell me to give it up.



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