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Confused Supermarket



Could I have been the only person who noticed this? I am pretty sure I am the only one who took a picture.

This is proof that most people are on autopilot most of the time. I did spend a little time to see if the melon sign was on the display of pineapples. (too much time on my hands?)

Wait, am I a bad person for making fun of this instead of pointing it out?

Never mind, this falls under the category of doing little things during the day to entertain myself.


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Plaid is Rad

plaid is rad

While food shopping the other day I came across a woman in this totally hip plaid outfit. Think about it, you would usually see clothes like this on a rapper. But this grandma was flying her plaid flag high last Saturday and strutting her stuff through the gourmet section of a market Gary and I like to refer to as Stinky Farms. (before they renovated the place it stunk to high heaven, I used to gag when I was pregnant and had to go in there).

Notice the adorable young gentleman in the background picking up some goodies for his family like the super hubster that he is. That would be the fabulous Matt, who nailed me taking this picture… big time.

There I was, camera at waist level as he rounded the corner the moment I was framing the perfect shot of Plaid Rad Granny. At this point I have learned to carry the camera in a spot in my bag akin to a holster. I whip that baby out and don’t miss a step.

Right after that shot was taken he came over laughing and pointing that he had nailed me taking random supermarket pictures.

As if that is something everyone does not do.

Oh, they don’t? Well they should. Some moments simply beg to be immortalized. If only for the sheer joy of sharing them with your friends.

(A quick newsflash for the PW peops, I am happy to report that the School Budget passed  2785 to 1989). 

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