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The Vixen Manual


Oh yeh, this is what I am talking about, Vixen how-to on the subway. I could not resist this shot. I love the guy in the window. He is looking like someone who might just be in need of a vixen. Hey, let’s be honest, what guy isn’t. This is some scary stuff.

Since the image is small, let me give you the selling points (with commentary of course):

A vixen:

1) Knows how to flirt (lame, most women know how to flirt)

2) Never lets him see her sweat (I believe this was stolen from the Dry Idea deodorant commercial, not all that sexy if you ask me)

3) Can stroke his… ego (subtle… oh, puh-leez!)

4) All of the above (falls kind of flat here, I was looking around for a #2 pencil on this one)

How about these credentials:

From music video eye candy to domestic diva, there isn’t a relationship Karren Steffans hasn’t had. (ew! perhaps I went to far with my imagination on this one)

Oh, best part… available in hardcover and as an eBook (would that make it SOFTware ?)

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