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Spy Shop


This picture was taken on the north service road of the Long Island Expressway just before exit 37. For those who are not familiar with the North Shore of Long Island, this is what I like to refer to as the belly of the money beast. Like moneytown on my friend Twentyfour’s blog, this is a place where wealth is most often worn on the sleeve, and usually it is a designer one.

Yes, this is the land of the lifestyle of the rich and clueless.

I had seen it on my way out of the area earlier in the day and made it a point to stop on the way home to take this picture. I pass this spot often, but have never seen this store. Perhaps it is new.

I could not help but wonder how a spy shop could survive here. Note the ‘s’ at the end of shops. Does this infer a chain of these stores?

Really now, are there that many spies living on the Gold Coast? I was at a party tonight and showed a few people the picture. I asked how they thought this place stayed in business. The first response was that it was for spouses to catch each other cheating. The second was that they sold nannycams. The third was the same as the first and came from her spouse. Don’t worry, they just think alike, neither one of them would need this store.

So, any other thoughts on how a Spy Shop stays in business in an upscale suburban town?

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