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She’s Got Game

SKEA_black swan

Or, perhaps the title of this post should be “The Vagina Games”, but that would have been link bait and I am so not about that.

This could be the best kickstarter in… well, ever! SKEA (Smart Kegel Exercise Aid) is a game controller that you insert vaginally. Yes, you read that correctly. You control a mobile game app with your vaginal muscles.

The name of the game that you can control with your wunder down under?

“Alice In Continent”. You have to love these crazy kids.

For those of you of the birthing ilk, you are no strangers to Kegel exercises. These help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, keeping the ole bladder in shape and bringing your love nest back to its original splendor after you have given birth. I would imagine this item is perfect for the woman with a Herculean Hey-Nanny-Nanny; and certainly for those who like to kill Zombies with their lady bits. (How much slang DO you think I can use in this post? And is it bad for the ads I will be served this week that I googled ‘vagina slang’?)

This is perfect for over-worked, under-appreciated mom market: ‘Kids, go do your homework, Mommy has to slay some dragons…’

When I posted this on Facebook I had an overwhelming amount of comments. My fave was from a friend who is a clergy person who said if she saw this she would have thought it was a duck and would have bought it for her mom, the duck collector.

Duck collector, indeed!

Tom Chen, the designer, created this video that is beyond words. I urge you to take a look for yourself. I particularly like his use of water bottles and fruit. His wife called this item ‘humanitarian’ (seriously?). I can’t help but wonder if the typo in Dr. Peng Peng’s title (M.D. in Gynercology) was intentional.

I know, amazing vid, right?

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 6.25.27 PMThis illustration? I don’t even know what to do with this. Well, yes, I do, but I am way too classy for that.

Ok, so as if this was not fabulous enough right here, you will be happy to know that there have been 4 updates to this product. #4 is my fave.

For those who were thinking the same thing that I was when I first saw this – which means pretty much EVERYONE – you will be happy to hear they have had multiple requests (was ‘multiple; an intentional play on words?) for a SKEA with ‘erotic’ function. They are designing another model ‘that should deliver a decent and adjustable vibration’ and ‘may also develop specific apps that users with different needs can choose…’

Talk about a joystick!

Perfect name for one of those apps… ‘She’s Got Game’, of course.


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Sometimes a little head is not so nice

Ask a man any question and invariably the answer could be, “A little head would be nice.”

Think about it.

“Hon, could you take out the garbage?” “Sure, but first a little head would be nice.” “Baby, my parents are coming on Sunday. You don’t mind, do you?” “Of course not, but before they come, a little head would be nice.”

You get my drift. If you are a regular reader you know that I have pointed out this phenomenon before. I challenge anyone to find a scenario when that universal answer would not work for the man in your life. It is one of those constants in the universe that we can always depend on. Sort of comforting, no?

Sadly, the comfort of knowing that the universe is aligned because of this given might be threatened. A USA Today article titled “Rise in some cancers linked to oral sex” sites a correlation between the increased popularity of oral sex over the past few decades and some head and neck cancers.

Head detrimental to the head? How cruel!

“It seems like a pretty good link that more sexual activity, particularly oral sex, is associated with increased HPV infection,” said Dr. Greg Hartig, professor of otolaryngology — head and neck surgery at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison. (hmmm, is this what my kids are studying at UW?)

I shared this link on facebook today after my guru of all things edgy, Jessica Gottlieb, posted the link. The comments section kept me entertained all afternoon. Here is what I got:

1. Some cancer is just worth it. (posted by a guy… what a surprise, but clever.)

2. Like to give head? It may give back more than you bargained for.

3. Just when I thought you had gone “soft” on us.

4. Suddenly, swallowing isn’t that big a deal. (oy, my parents read this blog!)

Since it’s been awhile, how about a poll to choose your favorite comment. Please weigh in. And of course there is a place for you to leave your own comment if you have a better one.


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