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Not Pregnant

Ok, so if you know me personally this comes as no surprise. The fact that my kids are 19 and 22 and I am sans uterus makes it seem like the purchase of this item (and a 2-pack, no less) would be a waste of money.

Today, yes. In 1999, it seemed like the right thing to purchase. Ok, so what’s my point.

Well, the office purge was still going on when I came across a bag in the very back of the closet behind a box of old photos. And this was what I found inside…

with one test missing. I must have shoved it back there to hide it from you know who.

There was a period of time (no pun) when I seemed to always think I was pregnant. Not wanting a third child and having a spouse that sort of kind of did, I was always worried about it. Invariably I would go to the pharmacy the very next day to buy Tampax.

I am pretty sure they all laughed when I walked out.


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