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If you read me often you will know that my favorite suffix is ‘ish’. I add it to words where it does not usually exist because I have a philosophy that many things in life just are… well, ‘ish’.

Ish is neither here nor there. It does fall in the usual defined, orderly categories of life. Ish is when you think it might be, but maybe not. It is the perfect description for when you need to color outside the lines.

In fact, as far as I am concerned, ish should really be a stand-alone word. Well, actually Urban Dictionary has a few listings for it so I guess I am not alone in that thought.

I saw the measuring cup in the picture at the beginning of this post when I was in Urban Outfitters in Madison (a lot of Urban’s in this post, you might even call it Urbanish). I am not sure why I did not buy it, perhaps it is because I had already bought out Bed Bath and Beyond  and Target and was feeling a little lightish on cash.

So, did you like this post?

ish, maybe?

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