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iheartny for legalizing same sex marriage

Ok, let’s get passed how damn cute these two were and think about how utterly amazing June 24, 2011 has become. On the very day that my parents are celebrating their 60th (!!!!!) wedding anniversary, the great state of New York has given the right to EVERY one of its citizens to grow up and marry the person they love.

The two little boys in the picture did get the chance to grow up and marry the person they love, but they were forced to do so in another state because the one in which they lived did not give them that option. In the very state in which they pay taxes, work hard, fight for causes, make a difference every day; they were not considered eligible to be married.

Until tonight.

That cutie on the left is one of my dearest friends on earth – my gay husband. He has fought tirelessly for the cause. Tonight it has all paid off.

Never in the history of the long road of friendships we have shared, have I been happier to celebrate a victory so huge that I can barely type through the tears. Those magic numbers: 33-29. The great friggin’ state of NY has finally stood behind the premise of equality and made history. I am so proud, so moved, so through the roof ecstatic for those who have fought so hard and won the rights for so many.

Frank, you are an inspiration, my favorite dog with a bone, the man who never says die and puts not only your money, but your time, where your mouth is to fight for a cause.

I am thrilled for all those who will finally be able to ‘grow up and marry the one they love’.

To quote a favorite children’s book, “Let the wild rumpus begin”.


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Some of my best friends are gay

frank-selvaggiNo seriously, I know this line is cliché but everyone loves an attention grabbing post headline. Call me a blog whore if you must.

I don’t often write about my friends but this one could not go unmentioned. I have never been more proud. I have written about Frank once before over at 50-something moms with the catchy title I am in love with a gay man but don’t tell our husbands. (again, the blog whore reared its ugly head)

I have known him more than half my life and consider both he and his husband, Bill, family. At the darkest times in our lives Frank and I have always been there to pick each other up off the floor and dust each other  off. And in turn when there is something to celebrate we are always on each other’s short list of who to call.

As a gay activist his passion is second to none in raising both funds and awareness as the co-chair of the Empire State Pride Agenda. He has been a driving force for marriage equality in this country, which would make sense for he and Billy have not only the strongest marriage I know but also had the one of the best weddings I have ever attended.

The reason for this post is to congratulate my dear friend on his appointment to the board of directors of Signature bank. With tears in my eyes I read the statement that included his marital status. You have come a long way, my friend.

As I always told you, “All good things in all good time.”

Congrats Frank Selvaggi, I am so very proud.

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It’s an art school moron!


Ok, so now I am taking pictures of graffiti in public bathrooms. So what! It’s not like I am sitting on the toilet seat or anything. Jeez, don’t be so judgmental.

Sorry, I snapped there for a minute.

This out of focus commentary was found in the bathroom at a concert venue the other night. A very nice one I might add, tucked away in the sleepy town of Dix Hills Long Island at a place called Five Towns College. Twenty minutes from my house and I never knew this place existed. Go figure. Need to get out of the zip code more often.

So, back to the graffiti. I found this quite entertaining. “Why is this school so flippin’ ghey’!?” I had never seen the word ‘ghey’ before. As I have told the kids growing up, Gay is a sexual orientation, not an insult. Well apparently ‘ghey’ has nothing to do with being gay. Urban dictionary defines the word as ‘a derivation of gay meaning lame. meant to be non-offensive to individuals of a homosexual persuasion.’

The second line: “umm it’s an art school moron!”

Well, that about says it all. Writer #1, you have no business at an art school apparently, making you a moron.

Too funny.

Haven’t had enough of me yet? You can also read me at 50-Something Moms Blog.

For photo enthusiasts, visit Leaving the zip code, photos from outside the comfort zone.

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