Crazy People



I could not love this picture any more. I crossed the street to take a shot of this canvas hanging on the back of a truck on West Broadway, and this guy stopped in front of it just as I was taking the picture.

Art is so often created by happenstance.

Walking down the street with me is not a bargain. Those who know me well know my famous, “Go ahead, I’ll catch up.” Those who love me unconditionally (AKA, offspring and BFFs) smile and know this is just the price to pay for hanging out with me. I make up for it in other ways. Those who are married to me (the subset of one) are incredibly tolerant and will even stand in a situation for my amusement (and theirs later on).

So, this image begs the question, “Why are crazy people such good lovers?” Here is a little exercise. Jump out of lurking mode (I know you are all there, I check the stats) and feel bad enough for my sorry ass to leave some comments answering to one or more of the following topics:

  1. Define crazy.
  2. Decide if this makes you more likely to admit that you are.
  3. In your experience, is there a direct correlation between being crazy and being a good lover?

Amuse me kiddies, I have had a tough few months!



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7 responses to “Crazy People

  1. Ha! We had a saying back in the single days: Never sleep with anyone crazier than you are. (well, that’s paraphrased 🙂

  2. margi

    1. Appearing to anyone outside your own head (and ok, to some within) to be, act and think regularly beyond the norm. My sister prefers the word lunatic. (she says sadly in a judgmental tone, so annoying)
    2. Absolutely! I think is my favorite column yet 🙂
    3. Well, I’m still married, and from the outside it’s odd. Now you know the rest of the story. 🙂

    Ha. Thanks for the laughs. Your columns are frequently a blast of amusement. And also poignant which I like. And while I ‘attempt’ to ‘mostly’ be the grownup around the kid, you just, ahem, don’t. Again, your peek into the absurd-refreshing. Do appreciate you.

  3. margiyogi

    I come back out of the woods with a lovely blog on love and being crazy. I love that about me.

  4. sammy

    loved it also so cool to run into it again. Didnt you shot the one quoting kayne west also??

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