Goat brothers


I love this name. Goat Brothers. Are they goat men? Is this their family name? Are they simply goat like in their behavior?

The thing I love about being in the Adirondacks is that I can go to a bar with something like this on display.

I don’t believe I have ever been to a swap meet. I may have to come back up here for this.


Filed under absurdities, camp, humor

2 responses to “Goat brothers

  1. I want to go with you! Funny to see this after the news earlier this week about the goatman in the mountains. Did you see that?

  2. Upstate NY dude

    The Goat Brothers is a Harley Motorcycle club in upstate NY.
    They have been around for 30+ years with their main mission being support of local vets through their extensive charity work.
    They are pretty picky about their membership so if you ever get to meet one I am sure it will be a positive experience.
    Don’t be surprised if you find one of them stopping to help you if you are in need.

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