I could not resist this shot. I love these sweaters. As Gary used to say, it is one thing for someone to buy these, but who DESIGNS them thinking that they will be bought?

Actually, if you hit the restaurants in south Florida around the early bird hour I would imagine these are sort of a uniform.

‘Honey, you should buy this, the colors are so lively?’

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think these sweaters come with an age requirement.


Filed under absurdities, carry a camera, humor

7 responses to “Sweaterfail

  1. I’d wear that sweater with tight, white leather pants. Talk about fashion forward.

  2. Riki

    OMG this is an actual picture of my father. Remind me to show some of the doosies he came up with!!! But really he did own this exact one.

  3. Ivy Mindlin

    When did you take this picture of my Dad!!!!

  4. e enelson


  5. Ellen

    Vintage Missoni, baby! Probably cost a few hundred in its day!!

  6. So funny how everyone thinks this is their dad. And Ellen, but of course.

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