Kind of

This little pack of gum could come in really handy. Dealing with someone who is treating you like crap? Well then just hand them a pack of ‘You’re kind of a dick’ gum.

I love gum with a message. This should not be confused with the I Heart My Penis gum, which would most probably be given to you by a guy who could use a pack of Your kind of a dick. And you could also hand it to anyone who responded yes when you offered him a piece of Does this gum make my ass look big?

The way I look at it, you could answer almost any question with a pack of gun. Well almost.


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6 responses to “Kind of

  1. Wow! Where can i purchase this? I need it!

  2. I saw this in a store in Baltimore but you can buy it online, Nigel. Here is the link I love the animation on this site.

    I can’t imagine why I did not buy a few packs of this. What was I thinking?

  3. Neal

    What if the person’s name is Dick? I am not making this up. I have a production manager at one of my plants whose name is Dick and, sometimes, I think that he deserves receiving a pack of this gum!

  4. I really need this gum with a message! 🙂 This would solve quite a few blips in my life at the moment. 😀

    Fun post.

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