Rat as Accessory

See anything odd about this catalog page?

If you have the new Urban Outfitters catalog in your house, flip over to page 18 and check out this chick on the bottom right with the rat on her head. (or is that a mouse?)

Because, you know, every young woman wants to wear a rat when she goes out.

WTH? Seriously, the art director walks in and says to the waif-like model, ‘ok hon, so for the next shot I want you to wear a rat on your head’.

And she is fine with it.

I believe this has something to do with the fact that she probably needs a cookie.


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5 responses to “Rat as Accessory

  1. Better than a snake accessory. Willie would have leapt on her head… now that would be funny.

    • Amy

      I just can’t wrap my head around what precipitated this shot? Did the prop stylist bring the rat? Was it the photog’s pet and a spontaneous thought? Is it the model’s pet and part of her contract that she poses with it?

      Have I been in this business too long?

  2. J.

    “See anything odd about this catalog page?”
    Yeah, the weird-looking dude in the upper-left corner.
    That other rat is kind of cute (and considering the chick’s hair looks like a rat’s nest…)

  3. Ellen

    Urban chic!! Our mothers wore fur hats, but in these economic times, we must wear rat (PETA style),

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