Doggie Dress

Let me say that again… doggie DRESS!!!


Here is an open note to people who dress their dogs in clothing.


Additionally, Kids on leashes, dogs in strollers = not ok.

Thank you.


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6 responses to “Doggie Dress

  1. Kim

    lol… looks like a toddler dress.

  2. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Agreed on the dog dresses, disagreed on the “leashes.” My son hates his stroller with a fiery passion 90% of the time, which is fine when we’re just cruising down our street to get the dog his morning/evening breather.

    At Disneyland, though? Forget about it. That little guy taking off in a mass of people? Oh, hell no. The “leash” makes him happy because he gets to be on his feet, exploring (with limitations that don’t make losing him likely), versus sitting in a stroller dozing off because he’s disengaged from his surroundings.

    Happily, there are dozens of other parents at Disneyland who understand this. Those who don’t? Opinion: irrelevant. 🙂

  3. J.

    Which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to send you this link to Poop Freeze (and Dog Fart Terminator).

    As for the doggy dress, I agree with Kim. Also, WTF?!

  4. Uncle Neal

    I love it when you “make no bones about it”!

  5. Deborah, I do get the ‘need’ for the leash; I raised two toddlers myself. But honestly I don’t think you teach them anything by leashing them. I spent a long time running after them and teaching them to stay close, and believe me, with my son that was not an easy task. There is that period of time when you simply don’t take your eyes off a kid, that is what toddlers are about.

    I think of the leash the same way I do about water wings. You give them a false sense of what their limitations are. Kids wear water wings, then take them off and think they can swim. Kids on leashes are given ‘freedom’ to explore but really they are just being treated like animals; take them off the leash and they keep wandering.

    That said, agreed that we all raise our kids our own way and everyone else’s opinion is certainly irrelevant. ; )

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