This one stopped me in my tracks. I would imagine that paint job has to be custom, right? I mean I can’t believe there is a market for hot pink jeeps, unless of course we are living in Barbieland. It really does look like her dream jeep, doesn’t it?

What confused me was the plate… F8S BOYZ? Fate’s Boys? Maybe in the West Village, but not in the Staples in Manhasset!

Floral peace sign on a hot pink jeep? I am dying to know the story behind this baby!



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4 responses to “F8S BOYZ

  1. I don’t understand it. Fate’s Boys? I had a jeep like that with my dreamhouse, just like that (without the peace sign or license plate!) I used to let Skipper drive it.

  2. Faith

    This is my CAR!!!!!!! How funny— My name is Faith …. the plate “Faithsboyz”…..I have 2 teen age boys. The car was custom painted by my boyfriend who is the auto body business….it was a birthday gift. Yes, it looks like Barbie’s jeep!

    • That is hysterical. Now it makes sense. Fate did not! How funny is it that you found this. Looks like we hang at the same Staples, Faith!

      Wait, your boyfriend’s name isn’t Ken, is it?

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