Window Warriors

Little green army men; will they ever go out of fashion. You buy them in a bag of dozens and they keep little boys busy for hours.

Sad but true.

This was a bizarre scene in a drug store window that I took a while back. I am not clear why a NYC retail establishment would dedicate this much window space to such a low cost item. Unless of course this was a show of patriotism and had nothing to do with merchandising.

Whenever I see these plastic figures. all I can think about is a childhood story of Gary’s where he bit off all the heads of the army men. Not clear on the motive.

Perhaps it was a political statement (unlikely).


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5 responses to “Window Warriors

  1. Bonnie Brockett

    oh great story of yours tonight (as usual) this one in particular brought back a ton of, I thought forgotten, memories of my big brother playing with them plastic soldiers for hrs & upon hrs. * thanks for the jolt back let say over 40+ years . . . lol

  2. Bonnie Brockett

    P.S. I like that you have it snowing on your blog * I’m impressed

  3. Dr Jimmy

    Did Gary drink Earl Grey tea after the beheading?

  4. margi

    Oh yeah there’s one right there, my 9 yr old said when I asked if he still played with them. really? did not know they were still around. ..what else do you do with them? .. array of exploding noises … shooting them with rubber bands .. 🙂

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