Saw this t-shirt in the hospital gift shop the other day and was simultaneously enchanted and annoyed that I did not make it. I have posted about our ‘accent’ here on the Island of Long because I always get a kick out of the way people speak.

Urban dictionary has defined the word and has a great sentence as an example of how to use it, “I’m walkin’-tawlkin’-cawfee all day in Longuyland.”

When I am tired my accent is pretty bad. If you ask my brother who moved when he was 18, it is always bad.

Jana and I both thought this was sort of a weird item for a hospital gift shop, but hey, I am sure it gets plenty of laughs.

Of course it comes in black as well. But somehow I think the bright green adds to the tackiness.

Anyone interested in owning one? I would be happy to scoot back over and pick it up for you.

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  1. Maya

    My sister and I are the creators of the”Longuyland” shirt! If you’d like to learn more about us, visit http://gardencity.patch.com/articles/did-you-say-you-re-from-longuyland
    Thank you!

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