The Morning Walk and the Garbage Sentry

Every morning I start my day with a walk. I take the dog, or she takes me, and we both make sure that the other gets a little exercise before getting down to the business of the day. I play little games with myself to stay entertained. Some days I set out to connect with at least 3 people on my walk since I work alone and feel the need for eye to eye contact. Ok, so that is a little weird.

But not as weird as today’s garbage find. This was not the first stuffed animal that got tossed today but it was surely the most majestic. This time of year in the suburbs it is not odd to find all sorts of things you would find in a cluttered kids room out in the trash. This phenomenon is what is known as the room purge. It is done when the kids leave for camp. While they are not present we dump all the crap they will never miss.

As I stopped to take this picture with my phone, the dog did a little business of her own. A car passed by while she was in mid-squat and then stopped at the corner and stayed there. I did not think much about it as I sent the picture to both twitter and facebook on my phone. Yeh, I know, no need to comment on the tech addiction.

As I neared the corner the woman rolled down the passenger window and shouted out at me, “Don’t you think you need to go and pick up after your dog?” Mind you, I have the little plastic bone with the doody bags on the leash, I ALWAYS pick up after my dog.

Me: “Um, lady, she only peed”

Lady: “Oh, never mind.” And she drove away.

How’s that for some human connection. Jeez!

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7 responses to “The Morning Walk and the Garbage Sentry

  1. Maybe she’s the dog doody police…. get a life!

  2. Neal Shrier

    The pull of the MFTA never ceases to amaze me!

  3. Ivy Mindlin

    I don’t think whoever left the animal out for “pick up” saw ToyStory3. That stuffed animal was wondering why you didn’t take him, as a playmate for Mel…but no you left him all abandoned and alone!!!!!!

  4. joyce K

    ya gotta love living on the North shore!!!!!!!

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