I just think monsters are so interesting

This is one of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons of all times.

And if you ever sleep over my house (no this is not an open invite) you might hear me quote the title of this post when I emerge from brushing my teeth first thing in the morning. I have extremely thick hair, and for some reason after a night’s sleep it has a tendency to take on the shape of the monster’s head.

Ok, not really sure why I shared that one, but hey, I know Jeanne is going to love this post because it was her favorite Bugs Bunny too (AND she has seen my hair like that but was too polite to mention it).

UPDATE: Could not resist kiddies. Since there are so many of you that seem to love this one (even quoting lines, Celia, very impressive). Enjoy Everyone!

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8 responses to “I just think monsters are so interesting

  1. Orla Clancy

    My hair is almost that colour – naturally.

  2. Ivy Mindlin

    I just have 5 words for you. You are one sick puppy.

  3. J.

    I find your blog posts so very interesting.

    OMG, it’s one of my favorite Bugs Bunnys too!!! AND when I was younger (i.e., before I gave birth and lost, like, half my hair) I looked like a cross between Roseanne Roseannadana and Cousin It. So can totally relate.

    And my stars, if an interesting monster can’t have an interesting hairdo, then I don’t know what things are coming to.

  4. lon

    This seemingly uncontrollable monster could only be curbed by the sarcastic witty Bugs Bunny. One of my favorites too.

  5. Celia

    Now dip your patties in the WA-TER!!!

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