Hair Today, Jewelry Tomorrow?!

I first heard about this on Daily Candy and had to do a little more digging because it simultaneously intrigued and repulsed me.

Seems that Larissa de Souza creates jewelry out of human hair. I am trying to wrap my head around this one (no pun intended – ok, maybe). I remember when my daughter was in camp they cleaned out their hairbrushes and made a hair doll. That too, intrigued and repulsed me.

When my kids were little I was at a birthday party and I saw a kid walking around with this braid attached to a stuffed crocheted ball. I asked the mother what it was and she said it was his ‘transitional item, you know like a teddy bear’ only this was mom’s hair. I, personally, preferred teddy bears and blankets, but hey, whatever blows your hair back, right? (i know, these jokes are getting tiresome, sorry)

My point here is maybe in light of these examples maybe there is a strong market for hair jewelry.

There is something so borderline not OK about wearing someone else’s hair as a necklace, but then again, why is it OK to wear human hair wigs and extensions and not this?

And you have to admit, the stuff is kind of nice looking. In a crap I wonder whose hair this was before it was around my neck sort of way.

Ok, sorry, I just can’t do it. Weigh in on this one, I am curious to see how you feel.

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4 responses to “Hair Today, Jewelry Tomorrow?!

  1. Neal Shrier

    Why? Okay, I’ll tell you why it’s creepy. The wigs and extensions are worn on your head where this type of hair came from and belongs. Functional vs. aesthetic.

  2. You know, in Victorian times people wore broaches and jewelry made from dead relatives’ hair.

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