Gerber Baby Wanted

You all know how I love facebook ads. This one surely does not disappoint. It would appear our friends at Gerber are searching for a new baby to represent their brand. No, they are not a client, and no I do not feel either one way or another about their product. Honestly, since Danny is 17 (years, not months) I am embarrassed to say I don’t even know if that is the brand I bought for him.

Wait, did I even give him baby food? Oh, I guess I must have, he wasn’t born with teeth. I think with Jana I might have gone the make your own food route for a little while. I have memories of ice cube trays of pureed chicken but I think that got too gross.

Whatever, this is not about baby food. It is about babies. Now for those of you who are not familiar, this is the traditional Gerber baby. This kid is friggin’ adorable, right. I mean that little button nose, the sweet little bowtie lips, the sparkling eyes laced by long lashes, perfect shaped head… you get the picture.

Now the baby in that facebook ad? C’mon folks this little sucker is scaaaary looking. This little imp looks petrified and I hate to be cruel here but a little alien-esque. Of all the babies out there, and with all due respect to the parents of this one, could they not have found a stock photo of a better looking baby than this?

Hey, I guess it’s better than using that hairy guy they used on the moms go back to school ad.

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2 responses to “Gerber Baby Wanted

  1. joyce Keisman

    Go photoshop go!!!!!

  2. lizz cameron

    you should choose my son to be the next gerber baby he is the cutest baby ever he is almost 5 months and he smiles over every little thing!!!! go to my face book page to c what he looks like his name is braydon goodrich type in lizz cameron!!

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