A Day of License Plates

Some days I seem to be the Magnet for License Plates (MFLP) instead the MFTA.

I actually saw all of these in one day. Wild!


How Hamlet-esque!


I don’t really like to drive near a car with this kind of plate. Especially the ‘Noo’ part.


I just don’t get this one. Love of scaffolding? Maybe a corporate car and that’s their biz. Still kind of silly.


Hmmm. Ok, here is my shot on this one. First they had a boy (XY) then they had twin boys (XYXY).

If you see any good license plates, please send them my way. I am starting to have a really nice collection


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4 responses to “A Day of License Plates

  1. I don’t have a photo of it, but I Tweeted my License Plate of the Day this morning, which I saw on the way to work: “PH8LBYT” (sound it out). Appropriately, it was on a Ford Cobra.

  2. Cute plates! I amuse myself on my 12-hr. round trip to the lake house with watching custom plate signage. Some are hysterical!

  3. Paula

    Siamese twins?

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