Proof my dog and I might be genetically linked


Scary, but I think it is true.

My dog has not been feeling well lately. She has been panting at odd times and drinking a ton, so I decided it was time to bring her to the vet. Please understand that I love this animal as if she were part of the family. No, I do not walk her in a stroller, I am able to differentiate between my kids and my pet, but I do love her  just the same.

Keep in mind she just turned 11, so going to the vet to find out what is wrong is a tricky proposition. Nothing worse than dropping 1,000 bucks to find out your dog is terminal. Luckily, she is not. And it only cost $480 to find that out – a bargain.

It seems, good ole Mel suffers from hypothyroidism. This would explain her weight gain (not the table scraps I have berated Gary for giving her) and could explain her other symptoms. Oh, and her pH is off (what the hell?).

So who else in this house suffers from this plight? You guessed it (and the photo gave it away). So, my friends, my dog and I are now on the same meds!

I am praying she does not get rabies!

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4 responses to “Proof my dog and I might be genetically linked

  1. Ellen

    Hope it brings back the spring in her step…it sure helped me!!

    P.S. overheard in the pharmacy in Weston:

    customer: Hi, John, do you have Lucky’s prozac??

  2. Liz

    Amy – glad that they figured it out. Hope that the meds help.

  3. Dr Jimmy

    Even your table scraps are too healthy! Probably a genetic predisposition from the Levinson family

  4. Too funny! My friend’s dog just was diagnosed with this. The meds have made her a frisky happy girl. How about you?

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