Hairy Backs and Tattoos

With the rain finally gone I have been fortunate enough to have spent a good amount of time on the beaches in the past couple of weeks. As always there are plenty of hairy backs out there. The mangroomer should be doing a booming biz. 

If you will remember, I am both fascinated and aggravated by back hair. Some of these guys look like they are wearing sweaters. It must be awfully hot under there. Look at this guy, I think he is down by the ocean just to cool off. The spinal hair is particularly fascinating on this guy. Look at that dense patch down the middle. It almost looks like hairy vertebrae.


I have also noticed that there are way more tattoos this year. It seems everyone is sporting ink. And a lot of it is major. Saw some guy in Fire Island with full photorealistic portraits of his kids on his arm. I wonder if they will age as his skin sags.


This guy here had a wonderful combination of tats and the most bizarre body hair pattern I have ever seen. What is with that tuft of hair at the base of his spine crawling down his up way to high bathing suit. Eww! 

Again, we women are out there spending all kinds of money waxing, lasering, shaving, eppilating, dipilatoring our lives away and these guys just let the hair out of the bag and don’t think twice.

Who are the schmucks here?

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7 responses to “Hairy Backs and Tattoos

  1. Liz

    Yeech. Could have done without that vision on only one cuppa! I too, noticed, lots of ink at the beach this past weekend. Guess ink is the new black.

  2. Paula

    I think the marketers of the Mangroomer should take a cue from the Red Bull and Amp folks. Walk the beach handing out product samples to the hairy backs.

    Or set up a demo tent and pick a few good candidates. Show them how easy it is to use and start a movement. They can write it off as a charitable contribution to the rest of us.

  3. margi

    I just couldn’t imagine cuddling up with an ape.

  4. I’d rather have a man with some hair on his body and especially his chest than some waxed and buffed girly man. Sheesh. We want men to accept us as we are (how dare he suggest that I lose weight?!) but they have to undergo painful and expensive hair removal procedures?

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  6. A man is not a plastic baby doll like Barbie. A man MUST be hairy. Many women are afraid about external man’s virility so they try to have a man as smooth as they are.

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