I Bring You the Mangroomer


Yes, my friends, this is one of those items you do not just pass by at Bed, Bath & Beyond. You must stop, pull out your camera and get a shot of this baby. Prominently displayed, I might add. Probably as a Father’s Day promo.

My favorite part of this package is, of course, the circled areas. Note that this is not even remotely anatomically correct. Perhaps this should be called the Eunuch Groomer.

Of course I had to hop over to their website for a little more info. They sport the tagline of the month: ‘Maintain Yourself’. Oh, how I wish I had written that one.

They also make the ‘essential do-it-yourself electric back shaver’. For whom? A double jointed gymnast. How the hell are you supposed to reach your back with this thing? Oh wait, I believe it has a ‘fully extendable and adjustable handle’. 

And thank goodness they have a companion nose and ear hair trimmer.

But my fave remains the Private Body Shaver. If you click on no other links on this post you must click on this one for it is the FAQ section on this product. My fave? #7. Does the MANGROOMER Private Body Shaver work for tall and large men?  I don’t get that, do tall guys have surpersonic personal hair?

I would have loved to have been in the focus group for this sucker!

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9 responses to “I Bring You the Mangroomer

  1. J.

    This brought tears to my and my husband’s eyes, Amy. (The spouse’s comment, “It’s a FURminator for guys!” Hmm…) I’m going to have to start taking a digital camera with me to Bed Bath and Beyond.

  2. i don’t think i would want my man to shave down there. yuck. or anywhere actually.

  3. Liz

    LOL! You ALWAYS find the best products. Time to give Daily Candy a run for their money!

  4. margi

    And I thought a Mangroomer was just a man who groomed the trails and streets on a big machine after it SNOWED!! LOL!

  5. What IS the deal with young men deleting body hair these days?? Check out hunks in the movies as well. All unrealistically smooth. My son shaves his chest. They hate their hairy legs. I don’t get it.

  6. J. Bed Bath always has a sight gag.

    Natural and Maureen, I prefer fur myself.

    Margi, many words have 2 meanings.

    Maureen, ah, it skips a generation I guess.

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