Signs you are working too hard

the-job-that-ate-my-brain1. Still wearing last night’s pajamas while sitting at your desk at 10:50 PM

2. When your teenage son asks, “What’s for dinner?” you answer with, “Didn’t you eat last night?”

3. You are pretty sure that the sweatshirt you are passing off for pajamas was purchased after your first pregnancy, and that ‘child’ is now 20 years old.

4. To placate the hungry teen you agree to go with him to the gourmet pizza place – and let him drive.

5. You realize once you get there that the probability is high of running into someone you went to HS with while wearing this lovely outfit, being unshowered and driving your daughter’s beat up old jeep. (loser without a chance to explain). Luckily this did not happen.

6. Going to the bathroom is a nuisance and is getting in the way of you finishing your work.

Oh, I could go on. And sadly I did not make up any of those items (well number 5 was just a fear, but a real one). Working home has its advantages.

Style/personal hygiene is not one of them.

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8 responses to “Signs you are working too hard

  1. Dr Jimmy

    I think the 20 yr old sweatshirt is a plus… you a Bayside Commodores or an Oceanside Sailors t-shirt for that relic

  2. You make me laugh! And sadly, it seems we are living parallel lives (except I wouldn’t let my son drive. He’s too young)

  3. Paula P

    I have another couple to add.

    7. You finally get into the shower and remember your husband asked you about something the day before and you have no recollection of ever answering him. He just kind of faded into the background as you managed a “hmm” and continued typing.

    8. You have every intention of commenting on the one-year anniversary blog of several days ago, but then before you know it a few days have gone by.

  4. J.

    And your point would be… ? (She wrote at 10:02, in her more than 20-year-old ratty college sweatshirt, having not eaten, or gone to the bathroom, or brushed her teeth, or put her contact lenses in…)

  5. 9. You know your husband wants to (make whopee) and you delay just a few minutes (catching up on work) ’til you hear his predictable snore, thenfind yourself in the kitchen smugly reaching for just one small glass of leftover red wine from dinner, triumphantly bringing it up next to your computer, thinking, I’m sure I – we- can get that in before my 8:30 a.m. client tomorrow.

  6. What a hoot- ALL of them. I just roared with the “Didn’t you eat last night?” OMG. I can see it coming.

  7. seems i am not alone out there. not sure if that is a good thing or not. but happy to see everyone so busy in ‘this economy’ (anyone else really tired of those two words?)

  8. Absolutely grateful to be busy, but I am in the stress reduction field so that could be why my #s are up this year. Can only take so much economy news and always feel like I don’t know enuf-.

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