Moth Balls

moth ballsWhen I was growing up there was a distinct odor that came for the closets of my nana’s house. 

Moth Balls.

Theirs was a generation that lived and died for these little round balls of camphor. You did not think of putting your off season clothing away without surrounding them with moth balls.

I wonder about the moth ball market and if it is shrinking now that the women of my nana’s generation have passed on. Are there younger people who hang onto the practice of using them? I am pretty sure I have never seen them in use again since nana’s house.

Honestly, anyone out there see them other than granny’s closet?

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8 responses to “Moth Balls

  1. I vaguely recall seeing the moth ball…… but I DO fondly recall the folks’ cedar chest smell. Mmm. Whatever happened to it, and why do I store my seasonal clothing in cheap plastic bins?

  2. cheap plastic bins are the moth balls of our generation!

  3. Actually, my Mom and Dad had them in their closet. I’ve always loved the smell…which probably explains my problems.

  4. ellen

    I cleaned out Aunt Mildres’s closet with ROna..and there rhey were..

  5. My mom used to put them in the windowsills every summer; she was convinced it kept bugs away. It was probably toxic.

  6. Ah, the mothball. I certainly can’t say I miss those stinky, clothing-preserving, white balls of moth. (Is that what a moth’s balls really look like?) I think now-a-days, cedar is the new camphor. For those of you in the fashion world, you might say that cedar is the new black!

  7. who knew mothballs would evoke such memories for so many. i have gotten emails on this too. funny

  8. laurie

    Uses for moth balls in 2009 – stuff the pool filter and heater over the winter to keep all of the critters away…

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