Wikipedia defines this as the study of refuse and trash. I call this the Gladys Kravitz syndrome. For those who do not remember her, or those who are too young (f all of you that are too young; ) she was the nosey neighbor on Bewitched. I seem to have a lot of references for Bewitched characters. I think I will post about Larry Tate at a future date. And then maybe Dr. Bombay.

Back to garbology.

As I have mentioned many times, I walk in the morning with Mel. Dog walkers love garbage day because there are cans out to dump our doody bags in and we don’t have to walk the whole way carrying them. But I love garbage days for another reason, I get to see what the neighbors have been up to.

I walk down the street with these thoughts bouncing through my head:

hmmm… these guys can sure suck down the white wine.

oh my, look whose toddler is still not toilet trained, another case of diapers.

oh these guys just got a new chainsaw, that confirms they are not Jewish!

wow, that’s an awful full recycling can of beer bottles when there are no parents home at that house.

I have seen boxes marked with a label that says ‘Do Not Throw Away‘ and others lying on the ground that say ‘Do Not Lay Flat’. Old furniture and knick knacks so ugly you cannot believe anyone would ever purchase them.

All in all, the garbage of your neighbors can give you a glimpse into their households without really knowing who lives in them

The perfect Gladys Kravitz experience.

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