Are they kidding?




Bona hardwood floorwax. Seriously, did no one think about the name of this product and the humor here?

This awfully blurry shot is courtesy of my brother who could not resist to snap it with his Blackberry while in the store. I love that the whole family is now contributing to the blog with links and pics.

So back to ‘Bona’. Love the tagline from the website: ‘It’s a Lifetime Committment’. It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

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6 responses to “Are they kidding?

  1. Neal Shrier

    Hmm, you can apply a coat of Orange GLO after you wax your Bona. Even the Bona packaging evokes sex toy.

  2. Oh Em Gee! I’m wondering whether or not peeps living outside the Northeast would get that joke as quickly. My ex-husband is from LI so I’m very familiar with the accent that would spark the humor here. I was speaking with one of his friends about baby names, and she said if she has a girl she liked the name Jenna. “You know”, she said, “like Bruce Jenna.” I almost spit out my drink laughing my butt off! “Um… that would be Bruce JennER!” LOL!

  3. If your wood floor is still hard after 4 hours, please consult a doctor.

    • Miles, that was a laugh out loud comment. and of course neal never dissapoints. Cara, I think I might have spit my coffee on the Bruce Jenna comment. Glad there are others out there with my sick way of looking at things.

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  5. Ronni

    It’s a dessert topping sillly!

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